Maybelline Expert Wear Single Eyeshadows


Maybelline has reformulated and repackaged their Expert Wear Single Eyeshadows, promising extraordinary color thanks to blendable, creamy saturated pigments.  They are available in 20 shades, and are very budget friendly, with a $2.98 price tag at Walmart.  The formulation of the single shadows are marketed to provide no fading, with up to 14 hours of wear.


I narrowed down my selection of the 20 shades to just 4.  There are definitely a nice array of shades to chose from.


  • Cool Cocoa is a brown matte, but when applied it actually has burgundy/maroon shimmer.
  • Gold School is a metallic gold with a lot of shimmer.
  • The Glo Down is a peachy shimmer with a gold/champagne undertone.
  • Nude Glow is a shimmery rose gold.



Overall Impressions:  Both The Glo Down and Nude Glow performed great.  They both have great pigmentation, and apply and blend very well with both the applicator brush and a MAC 239 brush.  Both shadows are buttery soft, but The Glo Down has quite a lot of fallout with application and within the shadow pan as well, and gets rather messy.  On the other hand, Nude Glow doesn’t have this problem. It’s perfect both in the pan and on your lids.  I would not give them a 14 hour rating, as Maybelline proclaims.  I wore each shade over an eye shadow primer, and was able to get a good 6 hours before I noticed creasing and fading.  I really love Nude Glow and The Glo Down would work well as a face highlight as well!  For $2.98 US, they’re a deal!


Yikes!  Here we have the very bad, and not so bad…Cool Cocoa applies well with the sponge applicator but not as well with the MAC 239.  I found the shade had to be “worked in”, as though there was a top layer that had to be cracked.  After a few uses I found it did perform better than at first.  With an eyeshadow primer I was able to get a good 6 hours of wear before any creasing and fading.  There was minimal fallout with Cool Cocoa on application and within the pan.  Now the very bad….Gold School is terrible.  It applies blotchy with the sponge applicator as well as the brush.  The pigmentation is alright, but, the formula is too soft, and there is so much fallout, both within the pan and with application.  It is so hard to blend, because it blends unevenly and it gets very messy!  I’m just not a fan of this formulation.  It’s unfortunate because it looked so pretty in the pan……..before all hell broke loose and there was product everywhere!!  I really wouldn’t recommend either of these 2 shades.

Overall I do like The Glo Down and Nude Glow, but I do wish the formulation was consistent among the 4 shades I purchased.  I won’t be purchases any of the other shades from this new formulated line of shadows due to their inconsistencies.  I know they are really budget friendly, but they definitely don’t all perform well, so read reviews on the particular shade you are interested in before purchase!

Items were purchased by me.





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